Survey: Order Online, Pick Up in Store Working Well

Oct 23, 2003 9:30 PM  By

A mystery shopper survey conducted by Chicago-based e-commerce consulting firm The E-tailing Group shows that half of the retailers surveyed had products ordered online ready for pick-up in their stores the same day.

“Overall, we found that [the order online, pick up in the store] feature was very well executed,” E-tailing Group president Lauren Freedman said in a statement. “Pick-up locations were clearly designated, 90% of the time products were readily available, and transactions typically took less than five minutes to complete.”

Freedman composed a checklist of suggestions for retailers that offer in-store pickup on Web orders:

* Train your personnel in how your store pick-up process works.

* Make it free to deliver the product to the store.

* Provide customers with clear instructions on the pick-up process, including information on how many days the product will be held and store hours.

* Alert customers by e-mail when merchandise is ready for store pick-up.

* Have a designated customer service area for pick-ups and adequately man those counters with trained personnel.

* Store packages in a specific location known to all customer service personnel.

* Encourage shoppers to make additional purchases while visiting the store.

* Facilitate an easy return should the merchandise not be right for the customer.