Survey: Website Function, Design Need Work

Online marketers still have room for improvement when it comes to satisfying customers. According to the most recent Catalog Online Co-op Survey from Peterborough, NH-based list and marketing services firm Millard Group, only 55% of respondents said they’d had a good experience on the Websites from which they’d recently shopped.

In April, more than 30,000 online shoppers were asked about their experiences with 23 catalog Websites. Only 51% said they considered the sites easy to shop from—the same percentage that were satisfied with the product descriptions.

Among other findings, just 43% said they could quickly find the items they were searching for on the sites. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents said the “zoom” feature that allows product shots to be enlarged was “very important.” And 61% were “very satisfied” with the quality of the merchandise they received.