The Guild Glitters with Catalog Spin-off

May 10, 2006 4:22 PM  By

Madison, WI-based The Guild, the purveyor of artworks and artisan decor and jewelry, made good on its promise to launch a spin-off this spring. Titled Artful Jewelry & Other Treasures, the new 32-page catalog features 180 artist-made jewelry and gift items. The print catalog was expected to reach housefile names and prospects this week; an accompanying Website already went live.

CEO Toni Sikes says the new catalog “allows us to expand beyond the home decor context of our current catalog, The Artful Home, and present beautiful jewelry pieces in greater and broader depth.” The company has four editions of the jewelry catalog scheduled to mail this year, says public relations manager Julie Kolka.

As in The Guild’s original catalog, all items in Artful Jewelry & Other Treasures are hand-crafted by leading artists and shipped directly from their studios to customers’ homes. In addition to jewelry, the collection includes scarves, handbags, and a selection of gift items such as a gilded gold bowl by renowned ceramicist Bennett Bean.

In January two venture capital firms, New York-based Dolphin Equity Partners and San Francisco-based Equity Partners, partnered to provide The Guild with $7 million in funding. As part of the plan at the time, company officials said they would further increase catalog sales, expand their online initiatives, and launch a spin-off catalog this spring.