This is one Crappy Cake

An MCM Staffer was paging through RSH’s Summer 2010 catalog edition and spotted a gorgeous white layer cake. Before she could get too lost in visions of golden sponge cake and chocolate mousse filling, she realized that the cake was made of diapers.

Granted, the cake is meant to be a centerpiece for a baby shower — the artfully arranged disposable diapers are festooned with pink (or blue) ribbons and silk flowers. But we are slightly grossed out by this concept. We love cake, and when we think of cake, we do not want to think of diapers or what goes in them.

Sure, diapers may be a practical baby shower gift-they won’t, uh, go to waste. But who really wants to be the one to give them, even if they are shaped like a fancy cake?

Then there’s the price tag: The small cake (40 diapers) costs $99; the large version (100 diapers) is $149. You could get a lot of diapers at Costco for that. Plus a real cake.

We know, the diaper cake is really meant to be a decorative element. But even at a baby shower, we’d rather not see a platter of diapers alongside the finger sandwiches and teacakes. Diapers belong in a box, not on the buffet table.