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Right direction

The Supply Chain and Logistics Directory, newly released by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, is a directory with a difference. Almost a third of the 90-page book is given over to an in-depth discussion of how to find, evaluate, and hire a consultant — and when you may not need one. You’ll even find tips on how to prepare a proposal and manage a project team. Consultant listings are arranged in three ways: alphabetically, by area of expertise, and by state. The book is available for $79.95 at www.cscmp.org.

Online mojo

Small businesses believe they pack more punch if they have a robust Website, according to a survey of 780 small enterprises conducted by consulting firm Interland. Seventy-eight percent of the respondents who have Websites attribute their financial health and competitive advantage to the Web; 76% say their sites generate business leads; and 57% receive monthly revenue from e-commerce sales or offline purchases influenced by the site. But although 55% of respondents say simply having an online identity is most important to them, only 24% accord great importance to actually conducting Web transactions.

Clear clutter

Tired of all those overstocks gathering dust in your warehouse? There’s a great way to turn that excess inventory into profit. Check out the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR), a Galesburg, IL-based group that not only can free you of overstocks by donating them to charity but can also provide tax relief by invoking exemption 170(e)(3). Under this clause, regular corporations can deduct the cost of the inventory donated plus half of the difference between cost and fair market value, up to twice the cost. Other enterprises such as (S) corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors are eligible for a straight-cost deduction, which is more advantageous than selling excess merchandise to a liquidator. You can reach NAEIR at 800-562-0955 or donor@naeir.org.