Two cups up

Women know that finding the right bra is difficult; it’s even harder for serious female athletes to find the proper sports bra. But true to its tag line, “we’ve got you covered,” women’s athletic apparel and accessories cataloger Title Nine Sports has developed a clever system to rate the sizes and performance of its sports bras.

A barbell icon appears next to each bra: One barbell indicates that A- and B-cup testers prefer it; two barbells means that B-cup testers wear it for sports, while C- and D-cup testers use it for everyday wear and for low-impact activities; three barbells means the bra works best for full B- and C-cup testers, and D-cup testers wear it for low-impact activities; and four barbells indicates the most supportive bras for C-, D- and DD-cup testers. Now that’s a service that provides real customer support!