USPS Cuts 800 Headquarters Positions

Washington–The U.S. Postal Service has announced its most sweeping personnel reorganization in nearly a decade. On Sept. 7 it eliminated 800 headquarters positions—about 20% of the agency’s headquarters staff. “We’ve targeted it at reducing our overhead and our administrative costs,” Postmaster General Jack Potter said in announcing the news.

Among the postal notables whose jobs were elminated are longstanding postal executives such as John Ward, vice president of core business marketing; Robert Krause, vice president of e-commerce; and Pam Gilbert, vice president of retail, consumer , and small business. At press time, it was unclear what their futures would be with the agency. At the same time, Anita Bizzotto has been promoted from vice president of pricing and classifications to chief marketing officer.

The USPS, which is expected to announce the filing of a new rate case this week, will likely lose about $1.65 billion this year. A freeze on construction and other cuts brought that loss down from the originally expected $3.0 billion.