Walmart Joins List of Retailers Expecting a Big Holiday Rush

It looks like many of the most popular retailers are expecting a big push in sales this holiday season as several have announced an increase is seasonal employees.

According to a National Retail Federation blog, The Limited announced last month that the company is expecting to hire 2,000 seasonal employees at its distribution centers and Kohl’s announced its plans to boost staffers by 10% for the holiday rush.

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In a recent Reuter’s article, Kohls also announced plans to “hire more than 52,700 people for the holiday season to work in stores and support its online business.”

Adding to the list of retailers who are padding its employee roster is Walmart, who announced last week, that it plans on hiring an additional 50,000 employees this holiday season, according to Reuters. In a statement from Walmart, the company said it also plans on giving current employees the chance to work additional hours if needed.

“This is our busiest time of the year and we are focused even more on providing excellent service to our shoppers throughout the holiday season. One way we do that is by ensuring our stores are adequately staffed by our associates,” said Gisel Ruiz, Walmarts executive vice president and chief operating officer, in a statement last week.

Target, according to the Reuters article, “said it plans to hire about 80,000 to 90,000 seasonal employees for its stores and distribution centers.” Although Target said it will hire fewer than the 92,000 season workers employed last year, “30 percent of those who were hired to work during last year’s holiday season were then given year-round positions,” Reuters said.

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