WearGuard-Crest Brands to Get Out of Direct

Apr 11, 2009 3:16 AM  By

Food service and facilities management giant Aramark Corp. will stop selling its WearGuard-Crest work clothing and accessories brand in its catalog and direct mail pieces.

“Consumer spending habits have changed, and the exit allows WearGuard-Crest to focus on its core business,” says company spokesperson Sarah Jarvis.

WearGuard-Crest’s core business is designing, manufacturing and distributing corporate uniforms. Aramark sells the products direct through the Aramark WearGuard catalog and on the Web.

The exit from catalog and direct sales is expected to take place over the course of many months, according to Jarvis. According to its data card, the Aramark WearGuard catalog has 40,896 12-month consumer apparel buyers and 54,651 12-month work apparel buyers.

Jarvis says she did not know the exact timeline, but the lease on WearGuear-Crest’s Hanover, MA, distribution center expires in January. WearGuard-Crest will also leave its Norwell, MA, facilities within the next 18 months.

Philadelphia-based Aramark plans to operate Wear-Guard-Crest from company-owned space in Reno, NV, and Salem, VA.