What’s In Store for Black Friday

Nov 26, 2008 11:29 PM  By

Are you ready for Black Friday? How about “Cyber Monday?” A survey conducted last weekend by Deloitte sheds some light on what you can expect this from shoppers this year.

For one, Cyber Monday, which falls on Dec. 1 this year, apparently still exists, as 30% of respondents to Deloitte’s 2008 Holiday Survey expect to shop online for gifts on Cyber Monday. That’s up from 19% who said they shopped on Cyber Monday in 2006.

And this should come as no surprise, but holiday shoppers are more focused on promotions and sales this year. Sixty-two percent of the study participants say that all or most of the gifts they’ve bought so far have been on sale.

What’s more, store traffic on Black Friday may be a little lighter: Nearly half (45%) of the consumers surveyed say they plan to shop later in the season, to get better sales/deals. And 21% expect to shop after Dec. 25 for gifts.

It’s already been widely reported that gift cards are falling out of favor with shoppers: Deloitte finds that 23% will buy fewer gift cards as gifts this holiday season.

Of these, 29% say it’s because they’re concerned the store might go out of business. More than half (53%) say it’s because they’re spending less overall, and 10% think they can get a better deal buying a “real” gift vs. a gift card.