Know Your House File Counts

| Matt Morton

In the current environment of rising postage and paper costs, mailers must understand the key metrics of its house file counts. But what’s the best way to go about that?

Port of entry

| Tim Parry

It’s one thing to segment customers by behavior most merchants do. It’s another to sort them by origin. But that may be just as important for a multichannel

Gupta Resigns as InfoGroup CEO

| Tim Parry

Vin Gupta is out as CEO of the InfoGroup list-and-data conglomerate.

Gupta resigned from the position last Wednesday as part of a litigation settlement with shareholders. Gupta, who stepped down as InfoGroup

Out of Stock Items Are an Opportunity to Gain a Customer

| Tim Parry

If an item is both out of stock on your e-commerce site and not available for in-store pickup, does this mean you’ve lost a chance to win that customer? If you set up your Web site right, you can offer to send an e-mail letting that customer know the item is back in stock

Rethink Operational Systems For Best Database Practices

| Jim Wheaton

You know those automated phone prompts, the ones that tell you to press “1” to speak with a customer service rep? As convenient as they are for the consumer, they could also do damage when it comes to classifying your customers. Here’s why you need to retool those systems

How to Handle Katrina Zip Suppressions

| Jim Whitford

The USPS says those affected by Hurricane Katrina can now receive mail again. But are your Louisiana and Gulf Coast customers still living there? And if they returned, are they ready to buy? Here for four things to consider before you start mailing again to those areas