Rue La La Offers Tie Tying Cheat Sheet

| Erin Lynch

It’s an age old question that every guy asks themselves at some point in his life: how exactly do you tie a tie? Well, Rue La La took to Twitter today to show men exactly how to do it, where it should hit on the body and other neckware questions.

Nike Basketball and Ty Lawson Blow Past the Competition

| Erin Lynch

Sometimes the best way to create buzz about your product is by having an amazing demostration. Nike Basketball did an amazing job with this video tweet of the Denver Nugget’s point guard Ty Lawson offering great dribbling technique to help you fly past the defenders. Uploading videos to your social media sites is one of the best ways for your customer to come back to check out your sites on a regular basis.

Fairytale Brownies Must Be the Tastiest Place to Work

| Erin Lynch

Fairytale Brownies took to Twitter today and posted this pick of it’s staff “testing” out two new brownie bar flavors. Proving to me that everyone who works at the company must eat brownies all day. While posting the pic on Twitter was a fun idea, more importantly, I am pretty sure everyone will be making a batch of brownies this weekend.

Old Spice Muscle Music

| MCM staff

Watch Old Spice spokesman Terry Crews jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead, show Terry what you got!

Fender Launches New Guitar Series and Makes You Want to Play Guitar

| Erin Lynch

Fender, a guitar institution, is makin the old new again with the indtroduction of it’s New American Vintage Guitar Series. The guitar company took to Twitter today to unveil a new video promoting the series and it’s classic 1958 Telecaster. Sometimes all you need when creating a genius marketing campaign is to show your audience just how effortless using your product may seem – even if we know that’s not true.

TOMS Gives Back with Summer of Sight Program

| Erin Lynch

It’s great to read about retailers who are trying to give back. Which is why the shoe company TOMS earned this installment of Tweet of the Day.

Contrary to popular belief, TOMS is not just about shoes. In late spring it not only released an eyewear line but also the “Summer of Sights” campaign where everytime some buys a pair of eyewear, another person is helped. TOMS is assisting people with prescription eyeglasses, sight-saving surgery, and medical treatment, administered by the company’s sight giving partner, Seva Foundation.

Fly with the Hawks with REI

| Erin Lynch

The people over at REI sure now how to create great customer engagement. Knowing that the REI customer is generally a lover of the outdoors, it make perfect sense to post this video on Twitter of a new sport called parahawking.

DIY Your Bike Patagonia Style

| Erin Lynch

What better way to spend a summer day than on a bicycle. The wind in your hair, the cool breeze and the fresh air! In this tweet from Patagonia, the outdoor gear and clothing company shows its followers that they can turn any bike into a barefoot friendly vehicle.