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MARK, FORE, AND STRIKE The list of buyers from women’s apparel cataloger Mark, Fore, and Strike is now selectable by the home address of Internet buyers. This file has mostly female buyers who spend and average of $130 per transaction and have an annual income of more than $70,000.

Cost: $110/M

Selects: SCF, state, zip, dollar amount, average order size, petite, plus, age, income, presence of children, Internet buyers

Contact: Mokrynski and Associates, 201-488-5656

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VETERAN APPEALS DONORS This file of more than 470,000 people who have donated to American Veterans programs is now selectable by age. These donors are 60% female and are mostly past the age of 50.

Cost: $80/M

Selects: state/SCF, zip, age, book buyers, collectibles buyers, craft buyers, culinary interest, gardening and farming buyers, general merchandise buyers, gift buyers, health and fitness buyers, religious donors

Contact: Chester Mailing List Consultants, 703-934-2700

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THINKTEK TV PRODUCTS Country Marketing now manages the file of 37,000 buyers from ThinkTek. These buyers have purchased general merchandise products featured on television such as the Skeeter Scooter and the Ab Force.

Cost: $100/M

Selects: state/SCF, zip, gender

Contact: Country Marketing, 315-895-7737

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SHOPSMITH WOODWORKING McCarthy Media Publishing offers a card deck circulation to 125,000 buyers through its Shopsmith Woodworking Resource Packs. These buyers, who receive the mail piece with advertisements, are mostly married men who own their own homes. The median age of buyers is 47 and the average household income is $55,000.

Cost: $3,250 (one-time)

Contact: McCarthy Media Publishing, 800-410-5352

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ENCORE SOFTWARE The Encore Software package insert program offered by AllMedia will reach about 1.3 million packages in 2001. The Internet-connected buyers purchase Encore CD-ROMs for educational and personal development and entertainment. Inserts can be put into all packages or in categories such as age, educational, and entertainment.

Cost: $60/M

Selects: software by age range, games and entertainment, college post-grad software, utility software, casino games software

Contact: AllMedia, 972-818-4060

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DESANTIS COLLECTION The more than 40,000 buyers from the DeSantis Collection catalog file are now managed through Edith Roman Associates. These buyers of men’s apparel are both men and women who have an average income of more than $100,000 and are between the ages of 45 and 60.

Cost: $115/M

Selects: recency, dollar amount, gender, method of payment, geography

Contact: Edith Roman, 845-620-9000

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SIRIUS PRODUCTS TCI Direct is the new manager for the Sirius Products database of active buyers. These more than 650,000 buyers have spent an average of $39 on products such as Zap Cleaning System and the Miracle Pet Brush after seeing them advertised through 30-minute infomercials.

Cost: $90/M

Selects: sex, state, SCF, zip

Contact: TCI Direct, 818-752-1800