Balancing Sustainability and Protection in Ecommerce Packaging

There are many factors that contribute to creating the ideal customer experience, with packaging being a critical component. You may have hit the mark on your product offer leading to conversion, followed by an efficient fulfillment and shipping/delivery process. But if an item hits the customer’s doorstep in poor or damaged condition, none of that matters.

At the same time there is a heightened interest on the part of many consumers in environmental issues, including the reduction of waste and carbon emissions. This focus has had a major impact on the ecommerce packaging industry, including processes and materials. So how do you strike the right balance between protection and sustainability?

In this special report from Multichannel Merchant you will learn:

  • About the latest developments in protective and “green” packaging
  • How major brands thread the needle between protection and the environment
  • How an approach that combines both helps drive customer loyalty


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