Found Finds Increased Sales at The Finish Line

Found Inc., a software and services provider that helps retailers drive sales and build customer loyalty by unifying inventory and sales channels, recently announced that it has helped athletic footwear and apparel retailer The Finish Line Inc. increase sales in stores that have implemented Found’s Integrated Clicks and Mortar (ICaM) application. ICaM makes a retailer’s entire inventory available for sale from all channels and helps avoid lost sales due to stock-outs.

The Finish Line selected Found’s ICaM Inventory Locator and ICaM Order Manager to make inventory information available both in its stores an on its Web site, so customers and employees can now have real-time access to all items from any location. This allows both customers and employees to search and purchase from The Finish Line’s entire inventory of products, from both retail stores and its Web site.

Store associates can simply key in a product’s SKU into the POS system and ICaM locates the product at the DC or retail store to ship it to the customer. If the customer desires to pick up the merchandise, it can be arranged by ICaM though a nearby store.

“When it comes to customer satisfaction, there is nothing as important as having the right product in the right place at the right time,” says The Finish Line’s senior VP of information technology Roger Underwood. ” We’d be living in a dream world if we had every product in the right size for each customer that shops our stores. With Found’s ICaM application, this dream is becoming a reality, because if the product isn’t available where the customer is, we can now ensure that we’ll find another method of getting the item to them,” he adds.

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