Hello, Dolly!

BARBIE MAY BE OVER 40, but she’s still feisty. The iconic doll from Mattel Inc. reigns supreme as the most popular toy for girls this holiday season. We have nothing against product fetishes, but check out these comments about Barbie Swan Lake posted on Amazon.com:

“It is a beautiful doll, the costume is a little more overdone than the original, but it still holds the magic of the ballet. Education plays a role by continuing the knowledge of Swan Lake and the history of Swan Lake.” [Huh?]

“This Barbie is sitting at the top of my shelves. She’s simply gorgeous. Her hair is perfectly curled into ringlets and her costume is so beautiful. She sits nicely in her stand and her legs move sideways to pose in leap-type stance. I give this Barbie a high rating simply because she’s so pretty!” [Now that’s what we call a scary-type review.]