Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Systems?

Provided Your Company is in relatively good financial health, this is an excellent time to invest in the e-commerce, order management and warehouse management software that your business needs to become more efficient and to grow.

For one thing, during a time of uncertainty, your competition may not be able to make the necessary changes. So you’ll have an advantage if you can.

What’s more, there isn’t a software vendor in the retail and direct commerce space that hasn’t seen soft sales. So it’s a good time to negotiate a fair but reduced cost.

From a return on investment perspective, management is expecting an 18- to 24-month ROI from the savings. If they want to sell more software, vendors need to find ways to assist their prospective clients in cost justification — many vendors are now inept at this.

While the overall economy remains scary, these are exciting times for the direct and retail software industry. When it comes to systems, there is real change and more choices emerging for your direct business. And this will help you to save money and serve your customer better.