Is Your Call Center Safe?


You’ve invested in the latest and best security measures. No one can enter or leave the facility without your knowledge. But you’re overlooking your worst enemy. The greatest threat to call centers today comes from within. Aggressive employees are turning call centers into dangerous workplaces, reports the recruiting firm Staff Management. Research estimates that most large call centers experience at least four violent acts every week, and that 15% of these turn into explosive situations. It isn’t too hard to figure out why: Staff Management president Michael Miles cites “limited work space, pressure production activity, young and inexperienced support management, overcrowded surroundings, difficult call handling situations, late work hours, and minimum-wage salaries.” Call center violence can include anything from verbal abuse to product damage and bodily injury. What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Train call center employees and managers on the definitions of violence.
  • Set up practical violence prevention programs.
  • Bone up on legal issues such as company liability and litigation costs.