IWLA Starts C-TPAT Compliance Program

The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) recently announced a C-TPAT compliance program for third-party warehouses. The IWLA says its program is based on security best practices guidelines it has developed; the guidelines have earned endorsement of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The CBP concluded in letter to IWLA president/CEO Joel Anderson that the association’s guidelines meet the minimum security criteria for C-TPAT. The IWLA guidelines include verification to determine compliance and/or the degree of compliance, which the CBP noted is an important.

The CBP does not currently allow third-party warehouses or other transportation intermediaries to participate directly in the C-TPAT program. Rather, the IWLA guidelines are designed as a C-TPAT compatible standard to ensure that third-party warehouse and logistics companies meet the security requirements of their C-TPAT business partners in the supply chain.

IWLA has enlisted the services of Danbee Investigations, an independent organization specializing in supply chain security. Danbee will conduct a comprehensive, detailed and methodical verification process, including an on-site facility audit, for each IWLA member company seeking to demonstrate its compliance with C-TPAT security requirements.

The Des Plaines, IL-based IWLA will also continue an ongoing dialogue with CBP to ensure the agency approves of the way in which verification is implemented.