The Latest Trends in Ecommerce Packaging and Their Impacts

The packaging you use in ecommerce and direct-to-customer shipments acts as an ambassador of your brand. How it appears, how it protects the contents and even how the product is packed can reflect positively or negatively on your company.Meeting the needs of today’s consumer means keeping the experience in mind when making decisions on your packaging operations. But at the same time you need to watch your costs and remain efficient. This report will explore ways that merchants are looking to balance these imperatives through innovation and the use of new systems and processes.Download this MCM Operations Special Report and learn:

  • How the use of adjustable height cartons can reduce void fill and thus DIM charges and shipping costs
  • How new systems enable the use of stronger, better-sealing water-activated tape in a production environment
  • How technology advances like smaller air pillow machines are enabling store-based fulfillment to look the same as your DC operation
  • How switching more orders from corrugated boxes to polybags can make a huge impact on costs while maintaining branding


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