Quick Tip: Five Keys to Finding the Right People

Without the right people, your operation is doomed. But how can you ensure that you’re getting the right people? According to Framingham, MA-based operations consultant Wayne Teres, you should

1) know what you’re looking for. Develop specific job requirements and skill sets required for the job.

2) hire for attitude; you can train for the rest. Seek enthusiastic dependable people.

3) ask specific questions to determine if the candidate meets the requirements of the job and possesses the right attitude.

4) screen and test potential employees. For example, have potential order pickers pick sample products in the warehouse so that you can evaluate their ability to match warehouse locations.

5) ask the applicant to complete the application at your location, rather than take it home. Completing the application onsite will provide insight into the potential employee’s ability to follow directions and writing ability.

Wayne Teres is president of Teres Consulting. He will be presenting “A Blueprint for an Employee Training Program That Works” on Tuesday at NCOF.