RalphLauren.com Opens New DC in North Carolina

RalphLauren.com, the direct-to-consumer division of Polo Ralph Lauren, christened a new 330,000-sq. ft. distribution center in High Point, NC, this past Friday, May 30.

According to the company, the new facility has already brought 215 new jobs to the High Point area – including positions in management, technology support, warehouse and distribution, contact center and embroidery.

Polo Ralph Lauren already operates a DC in High Point that it opened in 1991. That DC serves its retail operations, while the new one serves customers who buy direct from the company via the Internet or telephone.

Sarah Gallagher, president of the Ralph Lauren Media Division, said in a statement that the company expects to record at least $175 million in total sales this year. Last week the company reported that its Internet sales grew 36% in its fiscal fourth quarter.