Sense and Sensibility

A lift operation enhanced by an obstruction sensing system is a new offering by McConnellsburg, PA-based JLG Industries, Inc. The self-propelled vertical mast has a system that reduces the hazard of lowering the lift’s platform onto an object beneath it. If there is an obstruction within the detection zone beneath the platform, descent is stopped, an LED flashes, and a horn sounds an alarm with three short blasts. This safety device is available on JLG’s Model 15VPSP.

The Kennedy Group in Willoughby, OH, has come out with a new nameplate identification system that allows users to identify and track reusable containers, racks, pallets, and other products that require tracking and asset management permanently and inexpensively. The plates are designed to withstand all sorts of harsh conditions, and can be made with any combination of colors and prints you may want. They are intended to replace hot stamping or bolting of metal nameplates and all of their associated costs and problems.

Safety and facility signs that are easy and inexpensive to design and print in-house can be made with the MaxiSoft MaxiSigns99 software developed by Somerset, WI-based K-Sun Corporation. The signs can be made using a PC, inkjet, or laser printer with new UV-protective lamination films, and the software works on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Included is a library of 330 standard safety symbols and over 2,000 preformatted ANSI-compliant safety designs. The signs can also be customized.