Some shipping processing systems


Products: E-Ship Shipping Manager (an end-to-end solution that works with nine major carriers); E-Ship Shipping Manager (a middle-layered component for getting shipping information by connecting to different carriers)

Contact:; 800-779-7506


Product: Mail Order Manager

Notes: Geared to small to medium-sized businesses (those shipping from 20 boxes to about 5,000 boxes a day)

Cost: A standard system starts at $1,795

Contact:; 800-858-3666


Product: Envelope Manager Software

Contact:; 800-576-3279


Product: Computerized Parcel System (CPS)

Notes: Offers a basic software product that customers can run on their own PCs and can then add modules

Cost: CPS Basic is $495 a year (UPS, FedEx and USPS). Advanced features range from $795 to $2,395.

Contact:; 800-231-0296


Products: Clippership and Flagship

Notes: Clippership is aimed at mid-market customers (those who ship 75 to a few hundred packages a day); Flagship is for enterprise international customers

Contact:; 877-872-2379


Product: GlobalShip

Contact:; 888-867-7901


Product: NexxShip

Contact:; 877-463-9946


Product: OutBound Shipping System

Contact:; 314-645-9800


Product: SendSuite

Notes: SendSuite is a family of products that includes SendSuite Shipping; SendSuite Desktop; and SendSuite Arrival Tracking

Contact:; 877-258-2742


Product: Process Shipper

Cost: Prices can range from software costing $12,500 to a full enterprise system for multiple locations costing hundreds of thousands of dollars

Contact:; 414-298-9999

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