How to Choose an Order Management System

Apr 06, 2012 2:56 AM  By

There is no reason that a merchant should settle for an order management system that does not meet its needs or that results in a change to the way it conducts business in order to “fit the software,” says Frank Hanshaw, chief technology officer at Circle Commerce.


“Customizing an order management system to fit the rules of the individual business, while remaining upgradable, supportable and affordable, is an effective and realistic solution for a large percentage of merchants,” Hanshaw explains. “This is possible whether the choice made by the organization is to host in the “cloud” or onsite. Ongoing modifications eliminate the need to replace a system as a business grows and changes.”

Hanshaw also suggests that a web front end should be deeply integrated with an order management system allowing for one data repository and one set of business parameters. “This reduces overhead costs for the business and provides a better customer shopping experience.”

If you want to know more, Hanshaw will be speaking on this topic at the Operations Summit in Memphis May 2-3. For more information, go to