How Vermont Teddy Bear Makes Seasonal Employees Feel Special

Apr 04, 2012 2:10 AM  By


Making your seasonal employees feel like they’re a real part of your company is something all merchants should strive for, according to Katie Camardo, vice president of operations for The Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

Camardo says try and make your seasonal employees feel as though they are part of your company throughout the year through newsletters and periodic employee discounts.

“When we are able, we will invite them to company functions,” Camardo says. “We have special employee only sales several times throughout the year that we invite them to. We strive to make our seasonal employees feel valued and part of the company throughout the year.”

Camardo says her company has a culture that realizes the importance of seasonal employees and that they are critical to peak holiday success. “All seasonal employees are included in our departmental contests and incentives and in our monthly all-employee meetings.”

During the offseason, Camardo says Vermont Teddy Bear tries to keep in touch with its seasonal employees.

“We want them to continue to feel as though they are part of the Bear Crew throughout the year,” Camardo says. “We send our company newsletters and invite them to our employee only sales that we hold just once or twice a year. We also let them know when we want them back and actively work to get their returning commitment and availability well in advance of each holiday.”

If you want to know more, Camardo will be speaking on this topic at the Operations Summit in Memphis May 2-3. For more information, go to