Join us for the 2013 Operations Summit Conference

Jan 16, 2013 12:22 PM  By

Direct-to-customer merchandise sales are skyrocketing. Whether you sell to consumers or businesses, your direct-to-customer sales will be a crucial part of future growth and strategy. Which is why we are inviting you to attend the only conference exclusively about ecommerce and catalog operations & fulfillment: the 2013 Operations Summit.

The operations and fulfillment team makes your direct-to-customer business possible. And your company’s success in the DTC business is highly dependent on how the operations & fulfillment team performs.
Attend the only conference exclusively about every area of DTC Operations & Fulfillment:

· Call and Contact Center

· Technology/IT

· Warehouse

· Order Management

· Payment Processing/Fraud Prevention

· Picking, Packing, Packaging

· Reverse Logistics Management

· Shipping, Distribution & Delivery

· Inventory Management

· Systems Integration

· Customer Service

· HR/Workforce Management

· Materials Handling

· Transportation Management

Take a look at last year’s summit while we finish developing this year’s program.

While the program is still in development, you can lock in the Best Price and Save $300—definitely a Sweetheart of a deal. Hurry, the Best Price deal and $300 savings expire on February 14.
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