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Photo Gallery: Scenes From Operations Summit 2012  May 07, 2012 11:50 PM By MCM staff

Senior content manager Tim Parry played paparazzi at Operations Summit from May 1-3 in Memphis. Were you or your colleagues blinded by his flash? Click on the icons and page numbers and see who made the gallery.

Q&A: Why Are You Attending Operations Summit?  Apr 19, 2012 10:00 PM By MCM staff


Katie Camardo of Vermont Teddy Bear to Speak at Operations Summit  Apr 19, 2012 2:28 AM By MCM staff

Camardo, whose seasonal workforce explodes from 170 to 1,400 employees during Christmas and Valentine

Multichannel Merchant’s Operations Summit Kicks Off May 1 in Memphis  Apr 18, 2012 2:41 AM By MCM staff

The Operations Summit speakers include representatives from some of the best merchants in the industry including Rue La La, Zazzle, Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Calendar Club,, Replacements, Levenger, Eckler

How to Reduce Costs and Improve Control of Your Inbound Freight  Apr 12, 2012 2:08 AM By Jim Tierney

Ever wonder how your inbound LTL (less than truckload) costs compare to other direct-to-consumer merchants? Come to the Operations Summit and find out.

Keeping All Channels in Synch with your Order Management System  Apr 10, 2012 1:43 AM By Jim Tierney

Do you want to keep all channels in synch with your new order management system? Here are a few key points to remember.

How to Choose an Order Management System  Apr 06, 2012 2:56 AM By Jim Tierney

There is no reason that a merchant should settle for an order management system that does not meet its needs or that results in a change to the way I conducts business in order to

How Vermont Teddy Bear Makes Seasonal Employees Feel Special  Apr 04, 2012 2:10 AM By Jim Tierney

Making your seasonal employees feel like they

2 Tips for Managing Freight Costs  Apr 03, 2012 5:27 AM By Jim Tierney

Controlling and managing freight costs can be a real struggle for smaller companies, says Marie Lapetina, director of operations for Design Master Associates. LaPetina offers two tips for small merchants to consider when managing their freight costs.

2 Tips for Identifying Winning Products  Mar 31, 2012 1:44 AM By Jim Tierney

George Mollo, president of consultancy GJM Associates, says that only two to three of every 10 new products are potential winners and contribute to profit. Mollo wants to help merchants improve their batting average by adding one new product hit a week. One more new product hit a week separates the average player from a potential Hall of Famer, Mollo says.

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