How Small Merchants Meet Operational Challenges

Mar 24, 2014 2:34 PM  By

Whether you’re in the startup phase or ready for the next big push with your ecommerce business, planning for growth is no easy task.

As Fairytale Brownies co-founder David Kravetz points out, you can strive to exceed customer expectations and maintain a healthy profit, but your resources are often limited. You also don’t have a cavernous warehouse or automated shipping lines, but you can still compete with your bigger competitors, and even surpass them with higher levels of service and customer satisfaction.

At Operations Summit 2014, Kravetz will provide real-world tips on meeting the challenges of smaller operations.

Some of these challenges include: negotiating the best pricing from vendors, promoting an empowered workplace, using your IT resources to provide higher levels of customer service, planning strategies to keep your company moving forward and entrepreneurial principles that can be applied to any size business.

Operations Summit 2014 will take place April 22-24 in Indianapolis.