Two Tips to Manage the Customer Experience Across Multiple Channels

Mar 20, 2012 1:17 AM  By

Chad Caudill, director of customer service and warehouse operations for outdoor gear and apparel merchant Moosejaw Mountaineering, offers two tips to improve your customer experience across multiple channels.

Consistency. Caudill says it’s critical that your customers have the identical experience going into a retail store, shopping online, calling the contact center and viewing your catalog. “This is possible through the execution of consistent or standardized communication, procedures, and marketing and in the case of Moosejaw, not so standard.”

All of Moosejaw’s touch points involve “not taking ourselves so seriously and making people laugh,” Caudill says. “Why not have a good time shopping. We have a set of core values that guides us in everything we do to ensure we provide a great customer experience and have a little fun while doing so. It is very organic based on the type of folks that work here and that we hire.”

Protect your culture and hire the right staff. Caudill says it’s important to have the right staff that can offer the specific type of customer experience you want. “If you don’t have the right staff, it will be more difficult to have a consistent experience across all touch points.”

If you want to know more, Chad will be speaking on this topic at the Operations Summit in Memphis May 2-3. For more information, go to

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