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Consensus on Collage Covers

Regarding your May article “Creating Covers That Captivate,” we actually thought about doing a “collage” cover a little more than a year ago and decided against it. We felt that by making the pictures small enough to fit in a collage format, we would be unable to show the detail — which is what invites the customer into the book. I was glad to read that you also didn’t think it was a good idea.
Si Chen, owner
Gracious Style

A Jewelry Catalog by Any Other Name…

I couldn’t help but smile when I read in the June Backword page Melissa Dowling’s account of her first catalog shopping experience. The catalog’s name is Jewelart, and yes, it was located in Van Nuys, CA. I used to order abalone rings and spoon bracelets from the company when I was in seventh grade, and I used to bring the catalog to class so that my friends could order with me. I remember I always called it Jewel Heart by mistake. Thanks for the memory!
Judy Glock, direct response account manager
Yankee magazine

The catalog you mentioned in the June Backword was Jewelart. I worked at list firm Walter Karl at the time, and Jewelart was one of my clients. If I remember correctly, the owner had died, and the company was being run by his widow and some senior management people. My contact was the 17-year-old daughter of the vice president. They didn’t do much to keep the catalog moving ahead, and it closed in the early ’80s.
Stan Madyda, vice president, list brokerage
D-J Associates

ACC Issue Gets Thumbs Up

I had the chance on the way back from the Annual Catalog Conference in Boston to catch up and finally read the June issue of Catalog Age. I just wanted to let you know it was great and very informative. It obviously took a significant amount of work. I heard similar responses from several industry veterans. Keep up the great work!
Thomas Shipley, president
T. Shipley