A Same-day Delivery Believer

Aug 12, 2014 8:26 AM  By

dear-ellen-shannon-amazon-same-day-delivery-321I’ve been skeptical about the need and demand for same-day delivery services, mostly because of the price that I thought would be required for the service. All that changed, when I got this email from Amazon letting me know that they now have same-day delivery in Philadelphia for $5.99 (for Prime users).

Amazon is a master at knowing how to get me to pay attention – by writing the simplest, personalized subject line – “Ellen Shannon, Same-Day Delivery is Available in Philadelphia”. Amazon knows that I send a good number of packages to someone in my address book in Philadelphia. And this morning, I liked that they know that I do, because I appreciated getting this notice, and I felt excited that I could send my Philadelphia sister gifts same-day – for $5.99.

That is really amazing when you sit and think about all the planning, technology and work it will take to get that same day package to my Philadelphia sister. Think of the possibilities – you talk on the phone in the morning and want to send her your favorite popcorn maker that you talked about and she can use it while watching TV that night – you remember her birthday when you see the date on your cell phone in the morning and you can still get a gift there on time – or she has a big day and you can send something other than flowers immediately (same day shipping is sure to have a negative impact on the flower industry).

If I can impulsively surprise and delight my sister, it’s well worth the $5.99. I’m a believer now.  Are you?

How do merchants compete with this $5.99 same-day delivery service from Amazon?