How Well Does Your Order Fulfillment Partner Know Your Customer?

Jun 24, 2013 4:19 PM  By

Finding the right order fulfillment partner is important for your business.  What is also important is that the order fulfillment partner you are working with knows your brand and your customers in order for the operations side of your business to run smoothly.

Here are three tips from a blog post by Fifth Gear’s Nate Wiersema.

Have proper training: Make sure your fulfillment partner knows your brand or product in order and be able to communicate with you and your customers.  Make sure you educate your fulfillment partner about your market, the product and business strategy.

Communicate: Constant communication and prompt response is important in order for a supply chain to work.  Both your procurement, marketing and contact center teams should be aware of the inventory levels and accounting in the warehouse.

Have a point-person: Have a point-person or manager regarding any changes you want or concerns you have.  Having one person in charge will make communicating with the fulfillment team easier and prevent fewer mistakes from happening.