Make Mine a Mini: Benefits of the Mini Slim Mailer

Jun 01, 2010 9:30 PM  By

AFTER READING THE EDITOR’S NOTE “Dropping enthusiasm for automation” in the April edition of Multichannel Merchant, I felt compelled to drop a line.

My partner and I have been ”battling” with the U.S. Postal Service for nearly 30 years in regard to effective ways to mail. Sometimes we win and other times we lose, but we always have fun.

Less than two years ago, we assisted our printing partner B&W Press in the development of the “mini slim” style catalog mailer. The mini style was in response to the many problems the slim-jim created at the Postal Service — the need for wafer seals, failing “droop” tests, etc.

The idea of the mini was simple: reduce costs associated with manufacturing and distribution while increasing ROI. The mini has done that for several mailers, plus it has become an effective Web driver.

The mini requires no wafer seals, no saddle stitch; it is mailed at the presorted Standard Letter rate and passes the deflection test. In fact, the USPS would prefer the mini to the slim-jim style.

We enjoy your publication and wish you continued success.


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