Nathan Focht and Blake Ellis on Marketplace Fairness Act

Jun 11, 2013 8:24 AM  By

How would the Marketplace Fairness Act affect small- to medium-size ecommerce merchants? In this video taken June 4, 2013 at IRCE 2013, CommerceV3 founding partners say it will be a burden to those merchants.

And it’s not that their ecommerce clients do not want to pay an Internet sales tax: Focht says CV3′s clients want it to be simplified – maybe a flat tax – and that they want to be able to pay the tax correctly.

Adds Ellis, if multiple vendors are needed to get the sales taxes processed, the cost-per-order for small merchants would rise, and that would make business difficult for small- to medium-size ecommerce merchants.

When you’re done watching this video, here’s more about what the Marketplace Fairness Act means to you, according to Guy Mucklow of Postalcode Anywhere.

  • Susan Lindsey

    There is a new lobbying group. Visit and make sure you spread the word. We have a private group at eMainStreet Alliance and an open community where you can obtain information at

    This is an URGENT matter. Act now by joining these groups/communities!