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ASRS: Automated storage and retrieval system, system of racks in which each row has a retrieval unit that picks and puts away items.

Batch picking: Method of order picking in which all orders are grouped into small batches, and all the orders in each batch are then picked in one pass.

Pick list: Computer-generated list of the items that need to be picked.

Pick-to-carton logic: Computer program that calculates each order’s aggregate weight and dimensions to select the correct shipping carton prior to the order being picked; orders are then picked directly into the shipping carton.

Pick-to-light: System in which each pick location is connected to lights and LED displays; software turns on the light where the next pick should be and indicated the quantity to pick.

SKU: Stock-keeping unit, a specific item in a specific unit of measure

Slotting: Determinng the optimal placement of inventory for picking efficiency.

Wave picking: Method of order picking in which items are picked first and then sorted into individual orders.

Zone picking: Method of picking orders in which the warehouse is divided into several zones; pickers are assigned a specific zone and pick only items in that zone before moving the order (usually via a conveyor system) to the next zone; also called pick-and-pass.