How PlanetShoes, Rickshaw Bagworks Made Global Ecommerce Profitable

Jul 17, 2014 1:52 PM  By

Shipping/Delivery, shipping, shipping and delivery, cargo, freight, ocean freight, ocean shipping, port strike, west coast port strikeRickshaw Bagworks had ambitious goals of selling globally their unique American made – and uniquely American – casual bags. However, the retailer had no cross-border selling experience.

PlanetShoes already sold cross-border, but had lots of complaints, returns, and rejections at delivery of goods – and little repeat business.

Both retailers turned to Pitney Bowes to fine-tune their global ecommerce initiatives.

Join Pitney Bowes Vice President of Global Ecommerce Craig Reed for our On Demand Webinar, which outlines four common challenges to selling globally.

In this On Demand Webinar, Reed will discuss what can go wrong (and often does) in attempts to sell to global customers, why it erodes your profits, and how to solve these problems.

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