Quick Tip: Behold the Mouse Cart

Jan 17, 2007 8:32 PM  By

Are you looking to build a better mouse trap in your facility? You might start with the mouse cart. What’s a mouse cart, you ask? The mouse cart is a unique vehicle that can get a picker quickly around the facility. It is ideal for instances that require long travels between picks. A human powered scooter, the mouse cart is 100% propelled by the person operating it. Unlike most manual powered vehicles, the Mouse Cart can travel as fast or faster than a fork truck or pallet jack, according to Sam Flanders, president of Durham, NH-based consultancy Warehouse Management Consultants. This makes it an ideal vehicle for scooting to far parts of your distribution center quickly. For this reason, it works well for selecting smaller orders in a large warehouse. It can also help with correcting order selection errors or fulfilling walk in orders. The cart comes with steering handles and a platform that materials can be placed on. In addition, RF scanner or voice device can be attached to the Mouse Cart.

One caution with this vehicle is that your operators will have to exercise care and discipline in the center. The only brake on the vehicle is a heel brake on the back, so you’ll have to be careful with speed and intersections. You can use a bicycle bell or electronic horn can be used to warn pedestrians of oncoming traffic. The mouse cart is a unique vehicle that can get an order selector around the facility quickly. It is ideal for situations where long travels are required between picks. Like any motion device, proper training and discipline must be followed to operate it safely.