Top 10 Tech Tools for Call Centers

Nov 27, 2007 7:52 PM  By

Technology has revolutionized the contact center in recent years, and there’s no shortage of must-have systems to choose from. But what’s the equipment centers can’t or shouldn’t live without? VoIP News has come up with the Top 10 Call-Center Technology Tools. Most contact center experts will find no surprises here, but it’s a nice homage to industry innovation.

1) Predictive Dialing. Uses preset algorithms to determine when an agent will become free and then dials the next number just as the agent is wrapping up his or her current call.

2) Skill-Based Routing. Automatically matches call inquiries with the most appropriate agent or system resource based on topic subject, service level and agent aptitude, as well as agent availability and workload.

3) IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Responds to caller-entered digits or speech like a computer responds to keystrokes or mouse clicks and lets users preroute calls to the agents best suited to handle their inquiries.

4) Screen Pop. Ties agents’ workstations directly to a company database to instantly view important information. A caller’s records are automatically retrieved and “popped” to an agent as soon as the call arrives.

5) Click-to-Talk/Click-to-Call. Connects Website visitors to agents via a simple, clickable icon; allows agents to answer questions about a product or to complete a sale.

6) Web Callback. Allows customers visiting a company’s Website to request a callback from an agent, usually within a specified time period.

7) Collaborative Browsing. Links both caller and agent browsers, enabling both parties to see the same Web page simultaneously.

8) VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Telephony system that enables users to transmit voice messages over the Internet.

9) Virtual Call Center. Allows geographically dispersed agents (through the use of the VoIP and other technologies) to function as single entity that can span continents and time zones.

10) Noise-Canceling Headsets. Improve agent productivity and efficiency, not to mention agent morale.