Training for the New Contact Center

Jun 11, 2013 3:27 PM  By

contact-center-male-operator-300Gone are the days when the contact center meant having a customer call a 1-800 number or send an email if they have a product question or concern. Nowadays, the shape of the contact center is one that meets the needs of the 24-7 consumer and in order to do that successfully it all comes down to training.

As this article and infographic from randstad suggests “A one-size-fits-all approach to training is no longer adequate in today’s call center environment where interactions with customers are more complex.”

In fact, according to the article, the average turnover rate in U.S. call centers is 43% and for the larger centers that have more than 1,000 agents the turnover rate is 70%.

So how can you fight those turnover rates? Here are a few tips from randstad on creating a successful contact center through training:

Hire for the attitude, train for the skills. Even before you offer that contact center agent the position, you need to make sure they are the right fit for the position. In order for an employee to thrive in a contact center they need to be a natural problem solver, has excellent interpersonal skills, has a positive attitude, is a team player, and can remain calm under pressure.

Be honest and clear about the nature of the job. This step is “crucial,” according to randstad, which recommends that managers be “clear and open about the nature and expectations of the job.”  It also recommends “exposing potential candidates to the contact center before hire can help assure they fully understand the environment.”

Consider lengthening the training process.
“One of the best ways to foster higher engagement among agents is to ensure they feel prepared, comfortable and part of the team,” randstad recommends. In order to do so, you might need to extend the training process for new hires and implement new initiatives.