Walgreens, Paula’s Choice Use eBay Enterprise for Regional Fulfillment

Jun 17, 2014 1:01 PM  By

eBay announced that Walgreens and Paula’s Choice will be using its eBay Enterprise solution for regional fulfillment services.

The renewal agreement with Walgreens, which first signed with eBay Enterprise in July 2011 for distributing product from its west coast Drugstore.com business, calls for providing ship-to-store and direct-to-consumer west coast order fulfillment from the eBay Enterprise distribution center in Reno, Nev.

Paula’s Choice, a Washington-based makeup and skin care provider, has managed its fulfillment through a west coast distribution facility near Seattle. But the company needed a location for quickly delivering product to the east coast, so it tapped eBay Enterprise and its distribution center in Shepherdsville, Ky. for that purpose. The center’s close proximity to key transportation hubs made it the ideal choice, company officials said.

“Our distribution facility is in the northwest, and many of our customers are east of the Mississippi,” said Jon Hughes, director of operations for Paula’s Choice in a press release. “We were looking for a proven fulfillment company with locations that could serve our customer base and improve our already fast delivery times. We also needed the scale for our growing order volume, technology infrastructure for timely integration with our system, and a variety of value-added services.”

According to eBay, its regional fulfillment services allow clients to distribute products from various locations and deliver 99% of the orders within two days.