Building Your Global Shipping and Distribution Strategy

Jun 27, 2014 11:27 AM  By

Tim's-Picture-(JPG)-(2)Want to learn how to build your global shipping and distribution strategy? You will want to attend a session on this important subject at Multichannel Merchant’s Growing Global conference on July 15 and 16 in Long Beach, Calif.

In this session, Tim Sailor, principal at Navigo Consulting Company, will explain the current supply chain and delivery solutions available to you in countries with demonstrated high ecommerce growth.

“This session will be an overview of international shipping options,” said Sailor. “Most shippers don’t take advantage of carriers’ supply chain solutions, and there are a lot of carrier services out there.”

This session will teach you how to select carriers that will help you reach your international customer base in the most service efficient and cost effective manner.

According to Sailor, the international marketplace is growing faster than domestic and is a huge opportunity. There are a lot of factors to look at before distributing internationally.

“Consumers are demanding shipping choices at low cost options,” he said.

This session will educate you on various approaches to international distribution and delivery and show you how to choose options that best fit your international strategy. You will learn about all the cost considerations involved with international distribution, including duties, taxes, collection fees, extended delivery fees and more.

The session  will also review what factors need to be considered to best facilitate international returns, as it is an important part of your international distribution strategy and plan. You will leave the session knowing how to build the best global distribution plan for your organization.