Why Marketing and Fulfillment Must Work Together

Jun 24, 2013 4:05 PM  By

In order to fully succeed in ecommerce, the front- and back-ends of your business must be in-sync. In this video taken at IRCE 2013, three ecommerce executives talk about why it’s important that the marketing and fulfillment teams are on the same page.

Here’s one takeaway quote from each of the executives:

Daryl Logullo, Director of Ecommerce and Marketing at Kellyco Metal detectors:
“It’s a conscious effort from a culture point of view to have both side work together and understand each other. It’s not an ‘us vs. them’ mentality, it’s making sure the folks in my group understand what fulfillment goes through, and fulfillment understands and has a healthy respect of what goes on in marketing.”

Brad Wolansky, President Consumer Direct & Chief Marketing Officer at Yankee Candle Company:
“In this business, it’s really about fulfilling on the promise. Out front, we’re out there marketing to get people to come in. We have to give them a great offer to get them to convert. Then we have to deliver, and we have to deliver [it] with a great feeling of brand because when they get that box on their doorstep, that’s the last feeling of brand they get from us for a while.”

Back end, fulfillment, logistics, website – all of what the customer doesn’t see or care about is critically important to get right.

We have to get the logistics right, but we have to get the front end right to keep us looking credible.

Eric Castellucci, Online Marketing Manager at WrigleyvilleSports.com:
“[Being a smaller company] we constantly engage with each other. We can talk with the purchase manager, with the warehouse, parts of our team on a daily basis. We’re all in one office so it’s a nice, easy process to figure out what is working and what strategies we want to implement going forward.”

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Oh… and here’s the video: