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Customer service remains the cornerstone of direct-to-customer operations, just as it did when Stanley J. Fenvessy wrote his classic guide to fulfillment well over a decade ago. A recent managerial salary survey by TeleManagement Search reflects the continued perception of contact centers and customer service as the front line of fulfillment in an economy at least partially fueled by the growth of e-commerce.

Vice President Complete responsibility for setting the goals and direction of the customer service function within a corporation, including:

- Creating and directing an environment where the needs of the customer are the primary focus of all staff;

- Developing strategies and plans to focus on customer retention and reduce service-related attrition;

- Developing and implementing efforts to upgrade service, and creating continuously improving levels of customer satisfaction and service excellence;

- Establishing call-handling standards, service level criteria, and performance monitoring metrics;

- Coordinating front-end marketing techniques with back-end fulfillment and customer satisfaction principles; and

- Developing customer service policies and procedures, including policies for returns and refunds.

Director Responsible for directing the customer service activities of the corporation toward meeting established goals, including:

- Directing the customer service division to meet customer satisfaction goals;

- Developing staffing plans and forecasts;

- Monitoring and analyzing workflow and implementing strategies to improve service quality and cost efficiency;

- Creating a customer-friendly, enthusiastic workforce through empowerment and fostering teamwork;

- Designing and implementing monitoring programs to increase performance standards and consistency; and

- Directing the hiring, training, and staffing of the customer service division.

Manager Management of the customer service department, including:

- Hiring and training the staff in phone techniques, product knowledge, and customer service policy;

- Setting goals and objectives for the unit;

- Implementing new service programs and resolving service problems;

- Reporting to upper management on customer satisfaction;

- Monitoring and analyzing inquiry and complaint trends;

- Informing senior management of customer issues affecting company policy; and

- Coordinating customer service efforts with order processing and shipping/fulfillment.

Supervisor Supervisory responsibility for a group of customer service representatives (CSRs), including:

- Monitoring and training the CSR staff;

- Intervening and handling problem callers on an “as needed” basis;

- Supervising clerical and administrative support staff;

- Conducting performance reviews to evaluate productivity and improve workflow; and

- Training staff in company policies and procedures.