One of Every SKU

Jun 01, 2004 9:30 PM  By

Our merchandising strategy is to leave no stone unturned,” says co-owner Bart Calame. “We are a specialty provider, and we carry all the brands that outdoor customers really want to buy, even the newest ones that have yet to gain market share. For us it’s not practical to offer only one or two products per brand. CamelBak, for example, is the leading U.S. manufacturer of hydration backpacks, and we carry at least one of every SKU in the line. Our CamelBak customers obviously appreciate this, because many come back to us time and time again.”

C&C’s warehouse incorporates five side-by-side picking and packing stations. Two employees (four during peak seasons) work in concert to double-check each order based on printouts that are provided by C&C’s custom-made warehouse management system. Each employee is cross-trained in both warehouse and retail operations.


Headquarters: San Diego, CA
Annual sales: $2 million
Total employees: 5 full-time, 6 or more temporary during peak seasons
Size of fulfillment center: 3,000 sq. ft., including warehouse, retail store, and administrative office
SKUs: 5,000
Shipments: 50 per day, 100 per day during peak seasons.
Avg shipment wt.: 5 lbs.
Hourly pick rate: 100 SKUs
Volume: 1,000 lbs. per week
Picking method: Manual — pickers directed by WMS to pick SKUs in warehouse and in retail store.