Rabbit, Run

Dec 01, 2001 10:30 PM  By

“The promise of Web access to any information is in theory a great idea, but there have been many obstacles which have made it very difficult to get immediate and real-time access to information in the supply chain,” says Philip Walton, executive vice president of business development at Charlotte, NC-based V3 Systems, Inc.

However, V3 Systems has now introduced a product called Digital Dashboard that is designed to overcome these obstacles. Digital Dashboard allows configurable data to be viewed over the Web from anywhere.

“We use Digital Dashboard because it allows a browser-based, easy-to-see, easy-to-control ‘window’ that permits us to view and track the disposition of inventory,” says John McVaney, executive vice president of logistics at Houston, TX-based EGL Eagle Global Logistics. “This data can be accessed via the Internet at a number of security levels.”

“We were early adopters of Digital Dashboard,” says Tommy Hodinh, chairman and CEO of Austin, TX-based Megarabbit.com. “It gives us unrestricted and unlimited geographical access using the Web viewer to the full supply chain execution database that drives out throughput.”

According to V3′s Walton, a new release will take the system a step further to full functionality. “A solution hosted anywhere in the world will handle all processes from receiving to shipping,” he says.