The 3 Most Important Components for Selecting a 3PL Partner

Mar 06, 2013 10:13 AM  By

There are three important things Karmaloop looks for when selecting a 3PL partner. Renatta Hosein-Bishop, Inbound & Merchandising Operations Manager for Karmaloop will discuss the best practices in searching and selecting a 3PL Partner during her session at Multichannel Merchant’s Operations Summit 2013 April 23-25 in Columbus, OH.

Hosein-Bishop said in a recent interview that scalability, location to both coasts and technology are the three important things when selecting a 3PL partner.

Hosein-Bishop said reaching the east and west coasts during the holidays is important since a vast majority of its sales are made during this time. Scalability is important because their business is very seasonal.

Karmaloop prepares all year for the peak season. From August through November its sales volume peaks dramatically, according to Hosein-Bishop.

Location of a warehouse is very important for Karmaloop so carriers are aware of which shipments goes where and it is also important in relation to costs and pricing, according to Hosein-Bishop.

In her Operation Summit session, Hosein-Bishop will teach attendees how to be realistic and practical in the search of a new logistical partner, the potential challenges that each side can face due to misalignment of policies, procedures and technologies, and why your warehouse’s ability to stay ahead of your operational needs is a major profitability factor.

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