May 19, 2000


Abandoned call: Call in which a customer hangs up before reaching a call center staffer.
ACS: Automatic call sequencer, a less sophisticated version of automated call distribution (see below), without the flexibility and the ability to track call activity.
ACD: …


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July 1, 1999

Better ways to pack it in

If you haven’t examined your packing processes in the past few years, chances are your methodologies could use some improvement. Below, a few packing tips that may help you cut errors and boost productivity in your operation.
* Eliminate the checkers. …


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April 1, 1999

Trolling for customers

Bill Guyre is vice president of the not-for-profit, New York-based Lighthouse Catalog, which sells specialized products for people with impaired vision. Annual sales, less than ñ10 million; annual circulation, 2 million.
Our parent company, Lighthouse International (a not-for-profit foundation that supports advocacy, …


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February 1, 1999

‘Jobbers’ sweep out overstocks

No matter how prescient the merchandiser, every cataloger at some point ends up with overstock. While there are a range of liquidation options, including package inserts, outlet stores, and sale catalogs, more catalogers are turning to liquidators, or “jobbers,” which …


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December 1, 1998

Blair’s new process

Meet a loyal Blair Corp. shopper. She’s been buying Blair products for more than 20 years, ordering jackets, shoes, blouses, and skirts at least once a season. She opens every Blair envelope mailing of loose- sheet product offers, neatly clipping the …


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September 1, 1998

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FINGERHUT TO BUY ARIZONA MAIL ORDER, LAUNCHES YOUTH CATALOG Fingerhut, whose $1.5 billion catalog business sells predominately electronics, housewares, and other hard goods to budget-conscious customers, is committing itself to the apparel market with its asset purchase of $140 million apparel cataloger …


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July 1, 1998

Staffing Issues Seasonal help scare?

Considering that unemployment hit a record nationwide low (4.3%) this past April, some catalogers are already having trouble hiring operations personnel in the off-season. And the situation is only going to get worse as catalog mailers begin scrambling to hire additional …


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April 7, 2014

7 Trends That Are Disrupting the Retail Industry

Although it’s only April, 2014 is proving to be a transformative year for retail. Every aspect of the industry — from manufacturing to ecommerce — is on the brink of a fundamental shift.

To stay competitive, you must learn how to use …


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April 8, 2014

How to Move Outdated Inventory

Now that spring has finally arrived, retailers are spring cleaning their warehouses to make room for the latest products and trends. In a hyper-competitive retail environment, offloading inventory requires a calculated approach to maximize profits and space.

Here are a …


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April 28, 2014

Deloitte Digital: Ecommerce’s Impact on In-store Shopping Grows

Digital interactions influence 36 cents of every dollar spent in the retail store, or approximately $1.1 trillion, according to the latest study from Deloitte Digital. By the end of 2014, that number will climb to 50%, or $1.5 trillion of total store sales.

The study, “…


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