July 14, 2016

SMB Ecommerce Shippers Diversifying Carrier Services

Considering the critical importance of the back end of ecommerce, more small-to-medium online retailers are using multiple carriers to both ensure optimal pricing and eliminate the risk of keeping all their eggs in one basket, according to a new study …


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July 13, 2016

Danish Ecommerce Grows, But Cross-Border Flow Mostly Inbound

Ecommerce in Denmark was a record-setting 100 billion kroner, or 13.44 billion euros, in 2015, representing 10% of the country’s retail market. But when it comes to cross-border trade the flow of goods has been mostly inbound as high costs are preventing Danish merchants …


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July 11, 2016

3 Inventory Management Principles Ecommerce Companies Shouldn’t Ignore

Emerging ecommerce brands are often still in the early stages of establishing valuable long-term relationships with customers. Out of fear of putting these fragile relationships at risk, it can be very tempting to make poor business decisions. For instance, new …


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July 11, 2016

Apple Wins Award for Best Shipping and Delivery Experience

With expectations so high and pressure to consistently delight a daily reality, shipping and delivery is a huge component of the overall customer experience. If the order doesn’t show up as promised and when expected – usually within a couple …


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July 11, 2016

Weigh All Options Before Signing a National Carrier Bundling Agreement

It’s common practice for the large national shipping companies to push e-retailers into “bundled” pricing packages, promising preferred pricing if they use all their services – express air, ground shipping, returns and more. Yet many e-retailers soon realize that what …


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July 9, 2016

Customer Experience is the New Key Differentiator

According to WalkerInfo, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the most important brand differentiator. WalkerInfo is in no way alone in this theory. According to Gartner, 50% of product investment projects will be driven towards customer experience innovations, …


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July 10, 2016

3 Benefits of Enabling People-Powered Ecommerce

In an increasingly competitive shopping landscape, brick & mortar retailers have a unique opportunity to leverage an advantage that none of their web only competitors have; their store associates. Retail associates are the driving force behind the in-store experience and the …


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warehouse management system, WMS, order management system, OMS, software as a service, software-as-a-service, SaaS, cloud computing, SaaS warehouse systems

July 9, 2016

The Commandments For Conversion Is Written On Tablets

It often seems that in discussions of omnichannel retail, the channels typically brought up are bricks and mortar, e-commerce, and mobile. Most people tend to lump tablets in with mobile or e-commerce as an afterthought, but tablets deserve unique attention …


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October 27, 2015

How Retailers Can Go Beyond Omnichannel and Move to Customer-Centricity

For retailers, employing the omnichannel model is a necessity to appeal to today’s highly connected consumer and target their interest both in-store and across devices.

Yet, there is a disconnect that prevents retailers from reaching ideal shoppers and aligning …


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ecommerce distribution center

July 8, 2016

User Requirements Key to Selecting the Right DTC Operations System

Confusion reigns!

Last week a new customer asked me if a Distributed Order Management system (DOM) is the same as an Order Management System (OMS). Other clients ask if their CRM will give them call center or source reporting. OMS …


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