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June 16, 2015

Thanks for the Retargeting, Sears!

In an age when every bit and byte of consumer data is instantly captured, analyzed and acted upon, we’ve all grown used to being in the shallow end of the retargeting pool. We’re fed a steady diet of “…


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August 30, 2013

How to Create Blurred Lines Between Ecommerce and Brick-and-mortar

Change is coming to ecommerce as a wave of new technology promises to create blurred lines between brick-and-mortar and online shopping. From the early days when shopping was a solitary and high friction experience, ecommerce has and continues to evolve.


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September 1, 2008

Back Word

MOST PRODUCTS AND PROMOTIONS INSPIRED BY THE OLYMPIC GAMES are too predictable and patriotic. Gifts cataloger Wisteria took advantage of this year’s Beijing games with a Web promotion that offered 30% off on all its …


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July 31, 2012

Meet the 2012 MCM Awards Judges

Geoff Batrouney

Geoff is the executive vice president, of Estee Marketing Group, a company that specializes in List Management, List Brokerage, campaign/donor analyses, Insert Media Management and Brokerage covering all aspects of Direct-to-Consumer marketing.
When asked to describe his …


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April 29, 2015

Cracking the Global Code: How to Sell Across Borders with Amazon and EBay

Cracking the Global Code: How to Sell Across Borders with Amazon and EBay

It’s a huge e-commerce world out there, and you’re limiting your potential by focusing only on your home market. Unfortunately, international …


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April 27, 2015

More Retailers Transition to a Single Order Management Solution

In the next three years, 250% more retailers will be transitioning to a single order management solution to support a unified commerce experience across all channels, according to the Boston Retail Partners report.

The report explained how many retailers are planning …


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June 9, 2015

The Internet of Things Is About Experience… and Data

[caption id="attachment_66906" align="alignright" width="150"] The LG Internet Digital DIOS refrigerator (Circa 2000)[/caption]

Let’s face it – back in 2000, you probably didn’t own the LG Internet Digital DIOS internet refrigerator. Not because of the $20,000 price tag, but because, well, …


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June 9, 2015

Macy’s Exec Predicts BOPS Volume Will Triple This Holiday Season

A Macy’s omnichannel executive told IRCE 2015 attendees that the company now has some operational history and data to help it more accurately forecast buy online/pickup in store demand, predicting it will be three times higher during peak season …


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April 24, 2015

Spring Cleaning Can Bring New Life to your Email Marketing

Spring is a delightful time of year. Everything starts to bloom and the sun comes out to warm us up. Unfortunately, when the sun shines in your home or car or office, it also illuminates all the clutter and dust …


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August 6, 2008

Smithsonian Catalog, Website Back in Action

After being out of commission for four months, the Smithsonian Catalogue and online store are back in business. Starting Aug. 4, customers are now able to place orders from Smithsonian Catalogue and
Smithsonian’s direct business was closed four …


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